MODcast is a weekly podcast held by me melodies of death gaming community

Melodies of Death was started back in 1999 With the game Delta Force 2.
Founded by Fuzzwolf235 and Redvirus80 MOD was a small squad of a hand full of
members till the release of Delta Force Black Hawk Down and the addition of
a new Member Magnnoo with the addition of mag the Council of MOD was formed
Thanks to a lot of hard work from mag on a jam up website we started to expand.
to more than 16 Members. Armed with a full group of ass kicking players and are own Game server we started to compete in leagues in BHD. After the coming of Guildwars came the slow decline of MOD After A lot of drama MOD lost about half its members. But as all the drama was unfolding in Guildwars a shine of hope a little game called Codename:Eagle Brought a lot of MODs core members back into the swing of things. This was the first FPS to Feature full Vehicular Land and Air combat with a traditional FPS On foot combat. This game was developed by a small Company who we all know of now as Dice. After CN:E came Battlefield 1942 this Marked the beginning of MODs Battlefield career.

Home of Melodies of Death

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